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About PotSquatch

Potsquatch Growers is a community, company, and media brand on a single mission; to help, and empower people. Starting in the summer of 2017 the journey began with a youtube channel to educate, and entertain those wanting to produce their own medicine. As our journey progressed we quickly realized that many tech brands had little to no care for their customers; they either created shoddy goods, or charged too much. Taking the dream of self sufficient health and wellness off the table for many. This reality is what inspired the creation of Potsquatch and Squatch Lighting Systems to be born, in partnership with Solstrip Photon solutions out of California. Our ongoing mission for our lights, and any tech we release is to make the most affordable, and reliable products on the market. Creating accessible reliable tech for all.

We as a company given our values have now also ventured into the CBD market. The price gouging in the new market of CBD health products is rampant, and affordability isn't something often associated with the space. CBD based health products have a huge ability to improve the quality of life for many struggling with a plethora of ailments. This is what led to the creation of Potsquatch Growers CBD health products line. Created and released in partnership with Boscage holdings Inc. We are continuing to develop and release new CBD based products that are of the highest quality on the market while maintaining affordability for everyday people the globe over. What good is medicine if you can't afford it?

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, entertain, and empower people through our media, tech brand, CBD, genetics line, and much more. We stand with the people. We are the brand of the people. We will never stop standing against the status quo of big corporate conglomerates and their mistreatment of consumers the world over. We are the Potsquatch Growers Army!

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